Why this Website ?

Many Sanadhya Sangthans / Forums are working in different regions of India and are publishing magazines, in which various activities are included but the main purpose of these Magazines is to publish the details of prospective Brides and Grooms. Sanadhya Sangam and Sanadhya Samvad from Jabalpur, Sanadhya Sansar from Indore , another from Sanadhya Goud Mahasabha Mumbai are the few, serving the community for long. Now in this era, requirement of a digital platform is felt where such forums/ organization could come together. Publishing a magazine, is very tedious work and receiving the contribution from members, typing, printing, proof reading, publishing, binding and finally distribution/dispatch involves lots of physical efforts and needs huge logistical support. This can very well be merged in a digital platform, which could be easily available 24×7 at any place; be in India or in abroad, where availability of printed version is difficult. Keeping the above in mind , promoters, who are also from a sanadhya family of Madhya Pradesh, have launched this website with a vision to bring all Sanadhyas of various regions/states on one platform, where everyone could share their existence, family lineage, matrimonial proposals, achievements and many such common causes. Registration for Membership is kept free. Value added services would be added, depending upon the feed back from the members.

Latest News, Events & Achievements

Corona Warrior
We all appreciates the efforts of Shri Brijesh Thapak as front line Corona Warrior. We pray Almighty to keep our
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समाज के गौरव
CORONA WAR की वर्तमान कठिन परिस्थिति में मध्यप्रदेश के जबलपुर स्थित विख्यात नेत्र चिकित्सालय “दादा वीरेंद्रपुरीजी नेत्र संस्थान (देवजी नेत्रालय)”
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Sanadhya Gourav
In this critical time of CORONA WAR, Dr Pawan Sthapak, renowned Eye Specialist of Madhya Pradesh   had offered his Dada
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Kuryat Sada Mangalam
      Wedding ceremony of  Ch. Bhupendra, son of late Gita Rani & Shri Raghuvir Sridhar and Grand son
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