Kuryat Sada Mangalam

Wedding ceremony of Sou.Kan. Nehal, Granddaughter of late Gayatri &  late Prem Narayan Awasthi and Daughter of Smt Usha & Shri Rajendra Awasthi of Bhopal was solemnised with Ch. Kshitiz,  Grandson of Smt Premkumari and Son of  Smt Kshamta & Shri Jaydeep Sharma 0f Abu Road (Raj)  on 21 November 2021 at Hotel The Hind, Abu Road.

www.sanadhyapatrika.in Bless; Nehal & Kshitiz for their long and Happy married life and Congratulate Awasthi & Sharma Families on this occasion.

Vishwa Brahmin Mahaparishad


Pandit Shailesh Shukla and Pandit Rajesh Mishra of Narmadapuram (Hoshangabad-MP) are nominated as Sambhag President, and District President respectively of  Hoshangabad chapter of Vishwa Brahmin Mahaparishad.

www.sanadhyapatrika.in Congratulates and wishes them a very good tenure for Brahmin’s welfare.

(Received from Pandit Akhilesh Dubey Hoshangabad)

Kuryat Sada Mangalam

Wedding of Sou. Kan. Ragini, Grand daughter of Smt Saroj & Late Kripa Shankar Awasthi and Daughter of Smt Premlata & Shri Ravi Awasthi of Delhi, solemnized with Ch. Manu, Son of  Smt Nisha & Shri Rakesh Sharma of Merrut (UP) on 15 July 2021 at Hallmark Grand (Solitaire) – New Delhi.

www.sanadhyapatrika.in conveys, Blessings to Newly wedded Couple and Congratulates Awasthi & Sharma Families.

Kuryat Sada Mangalam

Wedding of Sou. Kan. Rupika, (Daughter of Smt Manjulata & late Anil Sahariya of Durg (CG), solemnized with Ch. Vikas, Son of  Smt Vijaylaxmi & Shri Subhash Chandra Pathak of New Delhi on 02 July 2021 at Dilshad Garden, Shahdara- New Delhi.

www.sanadhyapatrika.in conveys, Blessings to Newly wedded Couple and Congratulates Sahariya & Pathak Families.

श्रीमद्भागवत कथा



ग्राम  बिलौरी -विदिशा के श्रोतिय परिवार द्वारा दिनांक 29 जनवरी  से 4 फरवरी 2021  तक कथा वाचक पंडित सुमित कृष्णा जी महाराज और महामंडलेश्वर श्री श्री 1008 श्री पुरुषोत्तम जी महाराज के सान्निध्य में श्रीमद्भागवत पुराण की कथा का आयोजन किया गया था. ग्राम एवं आसपास की धर्मप्रेमी जनता ने इस पवित्र अवसर का लाभ उठाते हुए रोज कथा का रसास्वादन लिया . 05 फरवरी को परसादी (भंडारा) का वितरण भी किया गया.



Shri Badri Prasad ji Tiwari, of Vidisha (MP) had Retired from Forest Department on 31 January 2021 as Sr.Accountant.

He served the department for 39 yrs, with postings at Shamsabad and Vidisha. People from all walk of life have joined his retirement functions on 30 Jan 2021 from Office to Residence at Ramdwara. Next day at nearby famous picnic spot “Udaigiri Caves”, family of Shri Tiwari invited all for “Dal Baati Choorma” lunch , which was enjoyed by all with musical programme by friends and relatives.

www.sanadhyapatrika.in and associated WhatsApp Group Wishes him a very very Healthy and Happy 2nd Inning of Life.

Sanadhya Achievers

One of our Member, Shri Dhruv Awasthi of New Delhi, who is posted as Director in Song & Drama division of All India Radio ND, was invited in the panel of Judges by Ministry of Defence for adjudging best three Tableaux from 20 States/UTs /Departments/ Ministries and also the Best School Children’s Item in the Republic Day Parade 2021.

Www.sanadhyapatrika.in & associated WhatsApp Group felt privileged to have such a member and Congratulate Mr Awasthi for this Honour at National Level.


Smt Urmila Sthapak , Mother of Mr Neeraj and Nitin Sthapak and wife of late Subhash Sthapak of Harda (MP) had departed to heavenly abode on Makar Sankranti i.e.14 Jan 2021 after very brief illness at Bhopal. She was to complete 77 years on coming February. A big family of two daughters, two sons, eight grandsons/daughters, three grand daughter-in-laws and two great grand son/daughters are mourning her untimely demise by remembering her simple and pure affection to all.

Her Dashgatra and Triyodashi Sanskars are arranged on 23 & 25 Jan 2021 at Harda residence.

www.sanadhyapatrika.in and associated WhatsApp group express their condolences to Her family and Pray to Almighty for granting eternal peace to Her. Om Shanti…..


Kuryat Sada Mangalam

Wedding of Sou. Kan. Aditi, (Granddaughter of late  Gita Bai & late Motilal ji Sharma and Daughter of Smt Sneha & Shri Harish Sharma of Nagpur/ Tumsar, solemnized with Ch. Bhavik,  Grand Son of Pt Tirath Ram Sharma and Son of  Smt Urmil & Shri Darshan Kumar Sharma on 09 December 2020 at Venice Republic Resort, Pathankot (Punjab)

www.sanadhyapatrika.in conveys, Blessings to Newly wedded Couple and Congratulates both Sharma Families.

Kuryat Sada Mangalam

Wedding of Sou. Kan. Soumya, (Granddaughter of late Smt Shakun & late Shri BrijMohan Dubey and Daughter of Smt Preeti & Shri Ajay Dubey of Hoshangabad (MP), solemnized on 11 December 2020 at Shiv Vilas Garden, Bhopal with Ch. Rohit, (Grandson of late Late Smt Premlata & late Omkar Pd Sharma  and Son of Smt Mithilesh & Shri Subhash Sharma of Bhopal(MP).

www.sanadhyapatrika.in conveys, Blessings to Newly wedded Couple and Congratulates Dubey & Sharma Families.